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At Leofoto we strive for perfection in every product. It means perfection in the products form, function and it looks. We foucs on the demading professional photograpers and the amateure photograpers who demands the highest quality from their gear.


We CNC all our tripod aluminiumm parts, the carbon fiber we use is 100% Japanese TORAYCA cross pattern tubes. And we use 10 layers to give maximum stability and vibration reduction.


Leofoto is a young company but with over 10 years experience in the photographic industry. We have two CNC workshops and 150 workers and highly skilled quality management team which guarantees the exceptional quality of our products in accordance with the international quality management standard.

Maintenace free locking system

Leofoto has a unique leg locking mechanism compared to all the other tripod brands. The weak part of a tripod is the leg locks. All other brands have loose small plastic pieces between the tubes, which locks when the lock mechanism is twisted.


Leofoto has as the first tripod brand no loose parts in the leg locks. With a reinforced ending of the tube with integrated lock parts, a unique solution is created. This means a maintenance free, more stabile solution for the legs than any other brands.

Unique Rubber feet

One of the most important part of a tripod is actually the feet. Still all other brands do not spend much money or effort on this part. At Leofoto we decided to take the rubber feet a few steps further.

We have made an aluminum base with "fork" design inside, that together with the special rubber reduces the vibration to a minimum. And to reduce vibration even more we have added an separate screw tap


To make feet even better we have large diameter tear drop design, this gives the feet postive ground contact at almost any angel. It also have the advantage that they prevent the legs sidewalls from the the ground, even at lowest settings.






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